FasTrak™ NLP Practitioner Certification Training        See course description

Guelph, Ontario                        April 29th - May 5th, 2017

Guelph, Ontario                        Oct 14th - Oct 20th, 2017

Vancouver, BC                          Jan 19th - Jan 25th, 2018

Guelph, Ontario                        Jan 27th - Feb 2nd, 2018

PACE™ - Protocols to Achieve Coaching Excellence  See course description

Guelph, Ontario                       July 24th - June 28th, 2017

Guelph, Ontario                       Oct 23rd - 27th, 2017

Guelph, Ontario                       Nov 29th - Dec 3rd, 2017

Guelph, Ontario                       Feb 5th - Feb 9th, 2018

MASTER Practitioner Training

Guelph, Ontario                     April 3rd - 17th, 2018

LANGUAGE of LEADERS (Hypnotic Language)

Guelph, Ontario                        June 23 - June 25th, 2017


Guelph, Ontario                        July 29th - July 30th, 2017

Guelph, Ontario                        Sept 16th - 17th, 2017  

Guelph, Ontario                        Nov 4th - 5th, 2017

TBD*                                          Feb 10th - Feb 11th, 2018        *Deep Love, Couples Wknd.



Wholeness For Women!  October 1st - 9:30am - 1:00pm (TBD 2018 Dates)

Wholeness Training - 3 Day Training - 2018 Spring TBD

PARENTING WORKSHOP - For Parents who needs to DE-STRESS and get better results for themselves and their kids! With Megan Law & Tara Kanerva - November 26th 9:00 - 1:00pm. $49 Tickets

BREAKTHROUGH WORKSHOP for women who need to change their approach, their focus or something else to get where they want to be!  With Beth Charles and Tara Kanerva - December 2nd, 9am - 1pm.  $49 Tickets.  

7 Stages of Manifestation! Fierce Feminine Power! - TBD January, 2018



PACE - Protocols for Achieving Coaching Excellence

PACE - Protocols for Achieving Coaching Excellence

They Key to Coaching Excellence!

Have you recently completed an NLP Practitioners course, and yet still don't feel confident that you can coach someone with real issues and be certain what to do when and how?  PACE is the answer to this dilemna! 

Imagine if you had a process that was layed out simply and directly, addressed ANY issue your client bring to the table and can be unpacked and delivered to your client with absolute clarity and certainty! What if you hit a home run with each client you worked with?

If you are an NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner or Certified and Trained Coach - regardless of if you are successful already in your work and want more, OR you are still trying to find your groove and haven't yet landed regular clients, PACE will set you apart and make you one of the most adept and effective coaches in your area.

NLP coaches have learned the skills, but aren't always exactly sure how to best apply them and how to trouble shoot when they don't get the results they were hoping for. Sound familiar? There's nothing worse than questioning your abilities because you feel like you let a client down. 

Investing in PACE the 5-Day PACE™ Protocols to Achieve Coaching Excellence Training will create in you all the confidence and skill you need to become totally confident in your ability to move and guide your clients with power and congruence!

Sign up to refine your techniques and adeptly use them to have the most powerful impact on your clients.

Wednesday, November 29th - Sunday, December 3rd, 2017 10am - 5pm.

Contact us at to find out more.

Inspired Outcomes Training Institute, Training Facility - 834 Gordon St. Guelph, ON.

Days Inn and Delta Hotel within 2 - 10 minute walk from our Training Facility.  Please contact us for special rates.

Break Through!

Break Through!

834 Gordon St. (map)

Are you tired of feeling stuck?  This is a workshop to start learning how to finally break through that barrier that's been long in your way!   This is a workshop like you've never done before for omen who feel stuck.  Women who know they need to change something!  But don't know for sure what, or how but are ready to take action!



Vancouver, BC (map)

Give yourself the gift of NLP and Time Line™ Training!

"Taking the FasTrack NLP Training was singularly the most valuable experience of my life.  No exageration!  I am 100% more confident in my business and personal life, so much more in control of my days and I recognize the limitless of my journey in this life!  I can't recommend it enough to every single person who has anything they want to change or grow - YOU absolutely won't regret it!!"    - Sydney, Teacher and Media Business Owner