On Feeling Like a Fraud.  Sometimes.

On Feeling Like a Fraud. Sometimes.

Early this morning, in my kayak on the lake, lost in the mist before it warmed and lifted off the water, I experienced that kind of peace that only comes in nature’s broken, chirping morning silence.  Everything was perfect.  Still.  Beautiful. Serene.  I meditated in gratitude as I breathed deeply to the sound of the waves, my goals clearly in front of me, my personal resources full and complete. 


Isn’t that awesome?   - A great way to demonstrate how I start the day to my blogging audience, those past and future clients…  Are you moved, impressed, inspired…?  Does it take anything away from it with the added by-line that while this is absolutely true of my morning today: the earliness (6am – bam!), the mist (it was thick, heavy and soul-soothingly moody), the peace (unbroken, true), my clarity and strength (thank you, Vacation) it is also the first time I’ve managed to pull it off in months!  Or does it remain beautiful and inspiring even though it’s one moment stolen from a life currently dominated by rambunctious kids, overbooked appointments, missed calls and lack of exercise. 

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe it does. I don’t know.  I coach and lead and inspire people to be their best selves every day.  I used to sometimes feel like a fraud in doing so.  Because. 

I get THOSE moments.  I wouldn’t believe any coach or leader or inspirational guru who proclaims otherwise.  Because I don’t believe anyone can feel awesome and be awesome and do awesome, all the time.  I don’t think there would be much purpose in aiming to either.  I know first-hand, as I coach those overachieving clients back from their highly anxious states with some frequency!  However there is, no doubt, a kind of magic.   And I do believe in this magic that makes some people’s lives richer and more fulfilling and ultimately happier than some others.  And I am proud to be one of those people about 80% of the time.

Here’s my Truth:  There is a something that isn’t right in my life.  I don’t know what it is and I don’t know yet, how to figure out what it is.  It’s this very small, occasionally bigger, sense that there is something missing or incomplete.  And this feeling sneaks in when I least expect it.  It shows up sometimes as muddle headed (uninspiring), bitchy (even less inspiring, ask my husband) or aloof and withdrawn (this is the worst manifestation by far). 

So how, I used to ask myself, could I take people’s trust and belief and money to lead them toward beauty and pleasure and greatness, when I sometimes get up too late, blame my husband, rush my kids and then refuse to engage in the world that remains so full of opportunity around me? Here’s how:

Because sometimes, I wake up at the crack of freezing, and head out on the lake in my kayak before the mist has lifted off the water and I experience that kind of peace that makes it all worthwhile, remember?  If not, read up.  That was me. This morning.

The point is, whether we’re coaches or teachers or plumbers or doctors or moms or whatever, we’re presenting our best, or our worst – whichever we can choose in the moment– and I have a recipe, a secret set of tools that allows you to define yourself by your best moments and give new meaning to your worst.  And that ability makes all the difference.  It’s the magic that makes the life. 

I’m a great coach, not because I have it all together, but because I know how to focus on the kayak, and the one day I woke easily before everyone else and I can relive that peace I found over and over and over even when I’m juggling life’s busy messes instead of floating happily on the water’s surface all alone. 

And because of that; Because I can DO that, I can pay attention and I can model what I do myself and install it in others. And I can model what others do and install it in myself.  I can know I’m a great coach in the good times and in the bad.

There is magic.  And if you work to inspire, there is a way to avoid feeling like a fraud and to show up truly and completely for each one of your clients and be 100% sure of their success every time.  

Imagine, the Power of Hypnotic Language!

Imagine, the Power of Hypnotic Language!

Have you ever met someone who desperately needs your product or service, but whom you just couldn’t find the words to connect them to the value? Have you ever witnessed someone who could inspire people into action with nothing more than their words?

We all have two minds – the conscious and unconscious (or subconscious as you may know it) minds. We are largely driven by behavioural triggers and mental processes that we don’t even know we have, because they are going on in your unconscious mind. You can imagine how this works because you know that you yourself have often said things, made decisions or even acted in ways you couldn’t later explain! It’s as if an unconscious part of you was in control in those moments! Indeed!


Imagine now, if you had the ability to connect with your prospective client’s unconscious mind and easily and effortlessly communicate the value of your service in a way that would cause them to recognize that value and buy your product or service.

Imagine that you could do it because the simple trigger words you use when speaking or writing to them, activate deep, positive “reflexes” in their brains. All of this is possible, because there are certain words that allow us to accept ideas and concepts that could benefit us more naturally and easily.

Imagine if you had three power words, triggers, (there are more!) that multiplied your results because they access deep positive reflexes in a person's unconscious mind!

But first, a word on what Hypnosis is and what it most definitely isn’t:

Hypnosis is simply a way of relaxing the conscious mind so that the unconscious is more active than the conscious.

Hypnosis is NOT a tool used for manipulation by people trying to control your mind and make you do things you don’t want to do! Anyone using it for that purpose will be sorely disappointed – It is instead, a scientific way of using language to go beyond logic and penetrate the more symbolic and more ‘emotional’ deeper region of the brain where messages are able to resonate in a place closer to where we our behaviours are rooted.

Hypnosis, under no conditions, can force a person to say or do or buy or believe something that they don’t ‘want’ to. That being said, it can certainly help to persuade someone to open up to the possibilities of an idea that they might more readily object to if their logical, thinking mind was in singularly charge.

The Big Secret ...

the unconscious mind – the one more deeply embedded in you – has your best interest in mind at all times, and actually knows BETTER than your conscious mind, how to get past resistance (fear) and change your behaviour to better serve you!

Few marketers have more than a common knowledge about hypnosis. That’s a pity, because hypnosis is a very powerful mindset tool—and marketing, of course, is all about mindset. Okay, I’m glad we cleared that up. Let’s get into these three “power words” shall we because you will be amazed?

One of the Most Powerful Words is hypnotic & quite common! However, because its power is not well understood, it isn’t used to its full advantage!

“Imagine!” Why it’s Hypnotic ...

There are two reasons why this word is so powerful: first,  if you ask someone to do something—especially to buy something—they tend to balk. Their natural reaction is to question and to find a reason to disagree with it. The critical mind throws up objections.

What’s interesting, though, is this doesn’t happen if you just ask someone to imagine something. Especially if you ask them to imagine the outcome of the sale, rather than making the purchase itself. There’s no resistance to that.

This is because we don’t see imagining as a “real” task. It’s just a mind-game. Indeed, an innocent game; a distraction from reality even.


The next step is to stimulate the unconscious mind. That is exactly what imagining does. Believe it or not, the brain literally cannot tell the difference between imagining and actually experiencing reality. As far as your brain is concerned, there’s no difference between visualizing the completed project, and seeing the completed project.

This makes your clients or students imagination a powerful ally to you. Remember—the fear of loss is far stronger than the desire for gain. So if you can get someone to feel a sense of ownership for your offering, you invoke a much stronger desire than by merely telling about or even showing the results. When done with some skill, guiding a person to imagine themselves owning the results will cause them to feel as if they already have it - as if they already own the benefits. And the desire to keep it then will more often lead to the decision to purchase the product or buy into the idea or result!

This sense of ownership over what we imagine is surprisingly deep-seated.

Just as it should be. When we are young, all of our knowledge and understanding of the world starts in our imaginations. Children are highly possessive of their make-believe creations and characters and ideas. It doesn't make sense to force them to believe that what they experience as real, isn't. And although as grown ups, we often manage to conceal affection for our imaginations and dreams and fantasies under a facade of practical and logical living, the same effect still governs our behavior at the unconscious level.

Because you got this far ...

the next two words are 'because' and 'you'. While 'imagine' opens up the unconscious, 'you' personalizes and connects a person to what they are imagining a far greater level.

'Because' implies or presupposes importance or significance. A study of people waiting in a queue for a photo copier revealed that by using 'because' in the reason for wanting to move to the head of the queue, increased their success.

So just imagine for a moment, that you have mastered the use of power words, because that means you are creating far greater results!

The incredible usefulness of hypnotic language isn’t just for advertising and marketing in the traditional sense.  We are all advertising and marketing - to our kids to eat their vegetables, to get dressed more quickly for baseball practice, to our siblings to be more considerate to one another, to our bosses to give us raises, to our communities to contribute more to what makes us stronger….the list goes on.


Use NLP to Change Your Focus & Magnify Your Wellness!

Use NLP to Change Your Focus & Magnify Your Wellness!

How do you define Wellness?  Mental, physical, spiritual, perhaps all, perhaps more?  And what is the purpose of pursuing Wellness?  Is it for your longevity, your happiness, your success or simply to feel as good as you possibly can every day?  Where, then, is your focus right now?

What if you had your fitness coach implanted in your mind, motivating you before your eyes even opened in the morning, and keeping you focused on your health, cheering you on?  What if you had your best friend on your shoulder, all day long, reminding you to stay focused on how great you really can be!  What if you had the voice of your spiritual leader with you always, slowing you down, noticing those opportunities where you could choose to respond with kindness and love.  What if you had such faith in your ability to deal with any outcome, that you no longer felt stressed about the future. 


Too good to be true?  Well, if you're attempting to achieve these things using your conscious mind through traditional methods of mental wellness, it may indeed be.  But alas, there is Neuro Linguistic Programming!  A method of using the unconscious mind to reprogram your focus, your thinking, your behaviour, and your results.  

Despite its unparalleled successes in emotional state management and worldwide applications, without a 'field' to fit neatly into, NLP has remained a bit of a Lone Ranger.  Known by too few, misunderstood by too many, this surprisingly simple and brilliant way of altering our limiting beliefs and emotional responses hasn’t yet been wholly embraced and explored in the ever growing field of Health and Wellness.  But here, in our community, it is time. 


In just the last few months, in just this local area alone,

A woman in her 60’s with a life-long phobia of cats is now (after a 2 hr intervention) on her way to visit her cat loving family in South America. 

A woman who was about to give up on her marriage and her business because her racing mind left her helplessly anxious and overwhelmed is now laughing with her kids, planning and dreaming with her husband and taking charge of her business with clarity! 

A woman who avoided for years, speaking to her family, for fear of conflict and judgment is now moved to tears as she talks about the deep, loving support she received when she broke through her own limitations and reached out. 

A very successful man who last year, turned down a half a million dollar job because of his fear of flying, just boarded his first plane in decades and sent a cheerful text exclaiming his fearless joy and the success ahead!  

A woman who was terrified of her pregnancy and birth is now jubilantly telling the story of how she championed her birth HER way! 

An employer who had an unhappy, unproductive staff sent two managers to learn NLP and after just 7 days of training, those leaders have literally turned the work culture from one of grumbling and complaining to one of enthusiasm and shared success! And the list goes on!

Intrigued?  We hope so!  

And the opportunity to experience this first hand, or even to learn the tools in a practical way for the betterment of your family, yourself, your career is right now.  

Inspired Outcomes offers the most innovative, supportive and recommended NLP Coaching and Training in the area, click here to find out more!

5 Minute Friday, Pre-drink, Post-week, Self-serving Rant (by a Neurolinguist)

5 Minute Friday, Pre-drink, Post-week, Self-serving Rant (by a Neurolinguist)

It's Friday afternoon and I have worked with three clients today.  I really love all three of them. They are all at the beginning of their process of change and they are all, each of them in their own kick-ass way, blowing out the crap that they were carrying around, the self limitations that they unconsciously argued and were validating each and every day.  And Gosh it's good!  

These women are starting to shine.  Really, I couldn't and wouldn't make this stuff up - they each looked a little shinier than they did a week ago.  Younger, more energized, smiling, two of them literally giggling in this hilarious way about how good they feel - how much lighter and brighter life looks. They've shed anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.  They've each uncovered the feeling of their true worth.  And today is today, but it could be any Friday, any week that I've had the fortune to work with women courageous enough to step out of the box, suspend disbelief and follow their need to feel better about themselves!

And so I decided, as I worked today, that I'm going to have a drink tonight and celebrate with my intensely focused husband, my partner and fellow coach, at how cool it is that we get to do what we do and also that we are here now, at a time when so many parts of the world seems to be waking up.  We study language and energy and neuro-science and we are noticing a positive shift happening in response to the more negative one that sometimes pervades our awareness.

Out there, in the rise of social media and global connection, there are pockets of insight and learning and wonder that wouldn't otherwise have been able to grow as they have.  And the whole positive thinking, unconscious shifting and limitless possibility business so many of us are tapping into, it's good.  It's deeply, wholesomely good for the soul of the self and the world.

So hold onto your hats and stop believing Wikipedia!  Believe me instead!  I have way more experience changing lives for the better than Wikipedia does.  This stuff is for reals!  You are what you think you are.  You will achieve what you want to achieve and you want what you believe you deserve!  And you deserve it all!  If for no other reason than I say so.  Because I see so. And because I see, so I know so.  

And I'll drink to that!  Happy Friday Night!


International Women's Day - We've Got This!

International Women's Day - We've Got This!

International Women’s Day – We’ve Got This!

I don’t worry about women.  I hate the plight we still face, the inequality that still exists, the subjugation and abuse so many still experience, but I don’t worry about us.  Not in the long run.  Because we’ve Got This. 

I’m a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner by trade and calling. I work primarily with women in my practice because I have a deep, resounding love for their exceptional power.  All of them.  Women never cease to amaze me in their ability to come up, out of the chaos to be everything they need to be, all at once.  I love that so many women I work with can cry and laugh and love and hurt all in one beautiful moment.

In a time when it seems illogical and unreasonable for any human being in the Western World to face inequality or limitation of any kind, it’s hard to accept the truth that there is still so much struggle and ignorance where it comes to gender inequality.  It’s not easy to understand, I’m the first to admit. As a proud and happy feminist I too, still struggle with what the framework of my beliefs are when it comes to the roles of men and women in life, in marriage, in work and community.  It’s clear we’re not the same, men and women.  It’s obvious we’re built differently for difference purposes, and we are seemingly even wired differently in our brains and our bodies.  We still have so much to learn about how to be the best, together.  But of course, when it comes down to it, we’re exactly the same in our humanity: we all similarly strive for happiness, for love, for acceptance and success and security for ourselves and our loved ones. 

It may not be tomorrow, and it definitely won’t be easy or simple, but we’ve got this, because we are women.  We continue to march forward even through this new shitty socio-political mess in the States, even through the on-going struggles in other countries, and even through the painful realities of too many women here living with misogynistic ideas, believing the ideals of the media, accepting the limitations put on them by society and even worse, those somehow oblivious, righteous and unaware.  But we learn and grow, especially when we’re called to pay attention, as we are now, the lights will go on.  And so long as we continue as we are, there’s no question, we’ve Got This.  Because women and the men who believe in and genuinely and deeply respect women, are moving forward

Today, on International Women’s Day, I add my voice to those who recognize that there is a celebration going on – beneath the awful noise of injustice and the weird demonstrations of backward thinking that have dominated the news and viral threads – there is a celebration of women coming together in all their force.  I see it every day in my office as I witness women figuring out how easily they can step into their full divine power and I FEEL it when I’m in a room full of women awakened.  I know it in the incredible men who are so willing to do whatever they can to create the space for women to fill – wherever it is needed.  The celebration is about potential, about the certainty of what’s possible as the wisdom and perspective of female energy enters the power centres, the paradigms of today and the future!

In my work I focus on the brain, the neurology of emotion and use the most advanced neuro science to revamp a woman’s mind to match the unconscious thinking, which changes the feeling, which changes the behaviour, which creates the results of the best of themselves.  I do nothing, except guide these women into their best, deepest, truest self.  And I watch how they change their world – adding strength and compassion and joy to it.  And I know, that we’re doing it right in our support of one another.

Take the time today to read and reflect on all the incredible stories that will be shared.

I don’t worry about women.  We’ve Got This!


What is NLP Anyway?  Wikipedia says it's a cult...??

What is NLP Anyway? Wikipedia says it's a cult...??

So we've talked long and hard about whether or not to address the fact that NLP is often considered to be a tool used for evil.  A cult driven, manipulative and nasty way to control people's minds.  

When I'm asked about this, there's part of me that wants to laugh maniacally and tap my fingers together and swing my pendulum. Mahaha!!.....   However, my burning desire to make a compassionate contribution, to lead a revolution of using NLP in the mainstream, and to devote myself to creating positive change in all my clients undermines my sense of humour and so, instead, I am compelled to take a moment to explain what exactly, NLP really is

So here's the truth:  NLP is simply a way to replicate excellence in yourself through the use of neuro-science and hypnosis. Not a cult, as wikipedia suggests, unless you define cults as spending a short amount of time learning how to focus on the positive, to change your behaviour, to get more positive results for yourself; Ultimately making you more successful and happier and a more compassionate person.

The misunderstanding comes from the fact that NLP can empower you with the art of TRUE communication that will allow you to understand and to influence your peers at an unconscious level.  Like everything and anything, this can be used for good or evil.  Like words and books and knowledge and strength. 

What WE do with NLP is to provide you with an instruction manual of how your mind works. We create with you, an awareness of the communication between your conscious and unconscious mind.  This makes your responses, your behaviours and your emotions much more positive overall. 

NLP also provides you with techniques that will support change in your life and creates an internal map of how to REALLY achieve success in your life. It allows you to make real changes easily in the way you work and live and provides you with tools to more fully achieving your potential.  

As NLP Practitioners, one of the most useful things we do, is to elicit how you think the things you think.  We determine if that a specific way of thinking serve you well, or not.  Usually, if you're sitting with one of us, the answer is, not. So, we hum, we haw and we come up with a way of thinking that would better serve you. 

So it usually looks something like this:  Instead of thinking "I'm incapable of being who I really want to be."  we install: "I'm totally capable and full of resources to be who I want to be."  And then, we put you into a light trance that allows us to uncover the pattern you have unconsciously created and regularly run that leads you to believe such baloney about yourself. Then we interrupt it! - We use NLP to stop it in it's tracks!  We blow out the picture you didn't know you always see when you feel incapable and replace it with an image of strength or we change the words you say in your mind, and replace them with words that trigger you to your best self, not your worst, and we scramble and anchor things in your mind until, all of a sudden, when you run the response, unconsciously now, you realize you feel capable and fully able to be who you wan to be! Imagine how life changes by changing just that one pattern.  We do it fast.  We do it without having to hear your sad story.  We do it to as many patterns and beliefs as we need so you can drop your old excuses and beliefs and move forward toward the future you want.

NLP follows the prime directives of your unconscious mind, which will only ever seek to do what is best for you.  Because it's you.  And at the end of the day, if you believed you could live a life of gratitude and joy and success, then guess what....

I bet you've heard this before: The only thing in your way is the story you tell yourself.  NLP proves it.

That's just a snapshot.  Stay tuned for more.  Call us if you want to know more.  We can talk and talk and talk about the wonders and amazing usefulness of NLP and Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.  This is the magic that changes your life.  Come to one of our Destiny Weekends to immerse yourself for two days and we guarantee your life will change for the better!   


Being At Cause - Hypnosis

Being At Cause - Hypnosis

Hello Mompreneurs!

Below you will find your Being At Cause Hypnosis!  Listen to this as often as possible and get back in charge of your life at every level!  If our talk resonated with you, read the blog posting below called 'The Freedom of Never Blaming Anyone For Anything Ever!'.  

Remember, the one thing no one can ever take from you is your response to any situation.  BE who you are all the time.  

If you want a personal copy of this hypnosis, or a free consultation with us to see how to implement this into your life by changing the unconscious beliefs that hold you back, call us or email us and book a time to come by!

Enjoy and stay at CAUSE!!


The Freedom of Never Blaming Anyone for Anything!!

The Freedom of Never Blaming Anyone for Anything!!

A few years ago I went to a week-long training in NLP. I barely knew what I was getting into. I was starting to work for myself ... humbly, reluctantly, slowly, with all of my excuses ready at hand in case (read, when) I didn't succeed as I cautiously hoped I would.  I went to do the training because my husband suggested I should and I trust my husband's wisdom and insight. Thank God.

It changed my life.  My life wasn't awful, far from it, but I was, like so many people, very focused on all the people and things that were to blame for my lack of success, lack of more happiness, lack of confidence, lack of money ... you name it.  I didn't do this because I was a negatively focused person, but because that's what we do in our culture, in this society.  We talk about the stuff blocking us from our dreams so that we can feel better about where we are, which in turn makes us feel more validated in accepting things as they are, which in turn makes us feel OK.  OK used to be good enough for me.  Not any more.

The learning during the training enabled me, unquestionably for the first time, to take full responsibility of my life. Everything I was, was on me.  All my failures; all my wins.  Simply because I'm the only one who ever decides how I respond to anything that ever happens to me.  Once you feel this at the deepest level and practice it in all your spontaneous thoughts and reactions, it's the purest power you'll ever experience.

I tell my clients this all the time.  In fact, I've probably lost a client or two this way.  Because I say it straight.  No messing around.  If you aren't prepared to take responsibility for your own life EXACTLY as it is in every single itty bitty nitty gritty way, then I promise, you aren't going to get the change you're seeking. 

When someone starts to feel the liberation and limitlessness of this truth, I have to admit, I get downright giddy.  Watching a person square themselves off to their own excuses is exhilarating to witness!  

Once you realize that your parents or your spouse or the flawed systems or the lousy teachers or shitty bosses or arrogant asses or stupid mass populations or that twit of a hairdresser are not to blame for your problems, life gets SO SIMPLE!  Because no one can ever mess up your life, or more importantly, make you feel like they've messed up your life ever again. Cry when it's sad, fight when it's worth it, run when you're scared and then let it go when it's over.   Get at cause and notice your choices.  

The first step is easy: notice the next time something happens TO you and ask yourself how many trillion ways you could have reacted. Just pause for that one moment. When you realize, in that moment, there are infinite ways you to respond and therefore, infinite ways you can direct your life in any given moment.  Everything that happens TO you gives you another opportunity to respond in a way that reflects who you are and what you want.

So the bottom line is this: I'm not saying I don't blame my mom for my thighs. I do, of course. And I also realize that I can choose to love my thighs as they are (which I do), OR workout my thighs like a boss so they're lean and mean (which I don't), OR ignore my thighs and realize my worth is not located in them (which I mostly do) OR just choose to focus instead on feeling really blessed to have a mom at all, who fed me, loved me, taught me and for the record, was blessed with really lovely thighs.  



Why does NLP and Time Line Therapy® work so well compared to the rest?

Why does NLP and Time Line Therapy® work so well compared to the rest?

We get this question all the time.  It's presented to us sometimes before we begin, genuinely, and often with a hint of healthy skepticism.  It's asked by our clients all the time while they are in process and experiencing change in the moment; amazed, most often with a delightful look of total shock.  And it's asked by family members and loved ones who are witness to someone who is tangibly changing into a different, stronger and more positive person right before their eyes.  We love when you ask.  Because we enjoy answering so damn much!

The difference is simple:  We Change Your Beliefs about yourself, not your understanding and interpretation of events that happened to you.  We change your thinking and, more importantly your feeling, at the UNCONSCIOUS level, where 90% of your behaviours and feelings and reactions and responses come from.  We shift the perception of the world you live in now, we don't try to make you feel differently despite past events. When you work with your time line at the unconscious level in the quantum perceptual positions we take you to, you have the opportunity to undo those beliefs about yourself and others, that you have incorrectly accepted as truths.  

For example, some of you may relate:

You:  "I'm not confident enough to....."  

Us: "Oh, really?  When did you decide that?"

You: "I didn't 'decide' that, I just know it. I'm not."

Us: "Right, ok.  So close your eyes......go back to the first time you decided you weren't confident enough...."  ....Light trance, and off we go!

15 minutes later:

Us: "So how do you feel about that old belief now?"

You: "....(laughing).....My god!  Why did I spend so much time thinking that way?  Of course I can do this!  I just have to....."

Us: "How sure are you that you can take the next step now?"

You: "100%" Big Smile.

True Story.  By a factor of well over 100 just here in Guelph.

Can you imagine how the world you live in changes?  Think about that friend you know who believes she's ugly and projects that out in the world.  But you know that if she could just see herself the way you see her and others see her, she'd know she was absolutely lovely! What if all of a sudden she believed it and acted that way!  How different would the world be to her?

What if you, yourself suddenly realized that other people can't MAKE you feel small or stupid or insecure.  And you reached out with compassion instead of withdrawing and taking it personally.  Because your BELIEF was that you can always make that choice.  Many people believe that.  Many people live strong, purposeful lives just because they BELIEVE they can no matter what.  You can too.

The work we do is so successful because we change the decisions you made that you didn't know you made.  We don't talk about the hurts and pains and analyze the meaning and the reasons and understand and redefine and try and try to change with the 10% of our mind that is conscious and speaks up and listens during traditional talk therapy.   Instead you use the 90% to decide what you'd like to believe and go back in time to when you decided you couldn't and CHANGE the response our brain had then into one that puts us back in control!  

With us, we don't rehash all the reasons why you are where you are, because the past doesn't matter.  It's over.  What matters is now and the next moment and the next one.  What matters is what you believe about how you can change and shape your life moment to moment

We are the practical brain inspiring tools you need to live the beautiful inspiring posters you see, love, and yet never quite achieve.  :"Be All You Can Be!"  For real though.

Life Coaching is so Lame.  Right?

Life Coaching is so Lame. Right?

Ok.  So Life Coaches.  Trendy and uppity or lame or totally not for you, right? We're the first to admit that Life Coaching appears trendy.  Not only do I get it, I remember what I thought of life coaching before I was a Life Coach. Walking by a Life Coaching ad nearly 10 years ago at my gym, I thought to myself, "Seriously?  This person is going to tell me how to "do" my life better than I'm doing it? - How insulting, and gimmicky and New-Age." I didn't like what I thought was New-Age then. And I walked away, unhappy with my weight, unsure what my future held, uncertain of where I was going or why I was running so fast all the time. But quite sure a Life Coach wouldn't be able to help me with any of that.  I was wrong.  Short and simple, wrong.

Here's the deal.  Life Coach is a terrible name for what we do.  Believe me, we've spent endless hours trying to come up with something better; Transformational Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Inspirational Guru, Mad Scientist of Your Beliefs, Internal Fear Alchemist, just plain COACH...but it's a losing battle.  The closer we get to what we actually do, the weirder and more lame we sound.  So Life Coach it remains.  But I assure you, what we do is the farthest thing from lame. 

What we do is so cool, actually so effective, that we sign a contract with you that you will have an undeniable experience of lasting positive change after working with us.  Take a moment and imagine your brain is 90% unconscious thoughts and emotions and reactions - it is! - and imagine that all your beliefs are like webs connecting old experiences, long forgotten, through a filter you use to interpret new experiences - they are! - and that with a little shifting and colouring and re-orienting, you can literally change the way the webs are connected and how and when they fire up - it's possible, we do this! - making your actual thinking and feeling more useful for you NOW.

We will take your life exactly as it is, and guide you to being able to think and feel yourself into becoming a happier, more fulfilled, fearless and powerful version of yourself. Like I said, so cool.

We don't tell you how to "do" life better than you do it.  We don't have any kind of enlightened understanding of the meaning of life.  We have amazingly effective, well proven, mind boggling neuro-emotional tools that can fast forward your brain to allow you to think and feel the way you wish you could be.  Sound useful?  

Imagine there's no stigma.  Imagine the cost is SO worth it.  Imagine it makes the impossible possible.  Imagine everything is SO MUCH easier for you.  

Here's a few of our actual client transformations over the last few months. Can you relate? 

Broken Relationship now a Fixed Relationship.
Debilitating ANXIETY, now in law school with an 88% average.
Inability to trust and receive love from husband now able to be open to, love and trust husband.
Constant Migraines now No Migraines.
Uncertain which life choice to make: travel or stay, school or career - Decision made EASILY! (and working out AMAZINGLY!)
Severe anxiety all the time and frequent panic attacks, now nearly anxiety free and no more attacks.
230 Ibs now 170 Ibs.
Zapped of energy and motivation now laughing in the morning before 7 am and on fire at work!!
No self-esteem, no self-confidence to now feeling attractive and strong and GOOD ENOUGH.
good business growth to business now tripling sales over the last two months.
Unsure whether to stay in a relationship that wasn't working now Happy, Free and Single!
PTSD and little desire to live now completely free of PTSD and choosing to LIVE life!
Birth Trauma led to inability to get pregnant again now joyfully giving it her all!

Life coaching is so lame? WRONG!  It is amazing. Guaranteed.




Inspiring Women to BE their magnificent selves!

On April 29th, 2016 I drove to a beautiful little lodge, lost in some of the most beautiful ski and cottage country in Southern Ontario.  I was there to meet a group of women who were leaving their homes and lives for a weekend of transformation and revival.  

Shortly after I arrived I got to witness one of those wonderful situations when people meet shyly and politely at first and within just a few hours, after a cup of coffee and a few stories are exchanged, the doors of trust start to ease open. 

The first night I spoke to these women and felt their shells open, their minds start turning, their questions float out, then quietly turn right back around to poke at origins and drivers of the beliefs and motivations they carry within themselves.

The second day was full of activity and quiet reflection, bonding and storytelling, finishing with a night of forgiveness at the deepest level - of themselves and of those they love most.

On the final day I had the opportunity to sit one on one with many of these women and help them reframe their current position in life, set goals for their future and change the way they felt about their own ability to get at cause - to drive their own bus!  I watched in awe, as I so often do, as these amazing women took power and courage back from wherever it had slipped away to.   They radiated with self-worth and renewed energy!

Courage, the original definition, when it first came into the English language is from the Latin word cor, meaning heart — and it means to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. Well, what I witnessed was a group of women who didn't just try on courage, they EMBRACED courage, they CHALLENGED courage, they SANG and LAUGH/CRIED(you know exactly what I mean!) and passed their courage around for everyone to take!  And I did.  I took some and I keep it with me, knit into the fabric of of my own story, as I continue to work day in and day out with people brave enough to seek that kind of courage themselves.

Thank you Ladies. 







Time Line Therapy.....a simple, clear explanation.

The work we do as coaches remains outside the definition of traditional psychology and yet, we guarantee to help make people quickly let go of negative emotions, change life-long behaviors and live with confidence and certainty in a way they may never before have. 

How do we do this? 

We stumbled upon a great explanation by George Gillas, a fellow Master NLP and Time Line Therapy Practitioner.  We are thankful to him for this easily understood explanation of Time Line Therapy.



Depression is like an inner calling, a calling to scream out from the inside!

Depression is like an inner calling, a calling to scream out from the inside!

Depression is a beast of incredible mental strength and cruelty, working in a dirty, nasty inner language.  Insidious.  Mean.  Berating and cruel.  "Who do you think you are, you aren't good enough", "You'll never be like her", "You're ugly", "No one will ever believe you", "They will all laugh at you", "You don't deserve that ..."

Recently, a beautiful woman named Laura came to me with intense sadness calling from her eyes and dark, helpless pain emanating from her whole body ... She made a courageous leap of faith and we went to work. Here she is in her own words:

Depression has been part of my life for over 20 years, since I was young. It has been something I have struggled with and never truly believed would not be part of my life ... 

A Busy and Brilliant Month for Inspired Outcomes!!

So February flew by for us at Inspired Outcomes!  Two very successful workshops and over 20 new clients breaking through their 'problems' by shedding their old, limiting beliefs and dropping negative emotions into the past with thunderous applause from within! 

Here is a recent email from one of our most awe-struck clients who has suffered from extreme anxiety for many years: 

"Hi Tara. 
I'm so excited. I don't want to say out loud, but I have less anxiety. 
Is that possible? I'm so excited. Wow!!"

Is it possible? Absolutely! As are so many other solutions! 

Anxiety is one of the most challenging problems to face on one's own.  It's overwhelming, all consuming and just so difficult to understand.  We approach it from behind, we sneak up on it, listen to it's secret language and then we BUST IT'S COVER and Blow it out!  It's often that exciting!!  

We have so much to share, and we're so excited to start building our audience here with our clients, friends and the greater public!  Stand by for video demos of our techniques and tools, descriptive case studies and an index of helpful tools and techniques everyone can use!  So much to come!!

Client Success Stories!

Had an amazing week last week!  Two clients have lost a collective 63 pounds!  Both of these amazing women started their journey toward their ideal weight less than 4 months ago and they have lost 40 pounds and 23 pounds respectively!  Both women had long tried new improved ways of dieting and getting motivated to work out, but nothing had ever worked consistently.  Today they are both amazed at how easy and effortless it has been.  Because of the work we've done together they gave up sugar (both of them couldn't believe at first that they could) and don't even miss it!  Their newly wired brains are leading the way to health!!  What a great feeling!!!

"I have tried many different ways, trying to slim down by joining different weight loss programs that just didn't work.
The key to this program and the success that I am enjoying right now 41/2 months later and 35 pounds slimmer, is a true belief in myself that I am worth it. This has given me more pride and confidence in myself.
This journey for me is not a diet it is a new lifestyle for me to enjoy.
Enjoy your journey!