PACE™ - Protocols to Achieve Coaching Excellence

You are already coaching and helping people achieve the results they want, now learn how to execute with more purpose and skill for even better results AND earning a six digit income as an NLP Coach!

You can!

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Maybe you feel like something has to change, or maybe you have just heard enough and now you can see a way to get better results for your clients.

Invest in yourself and take charge of your future because the 5-Day PACE™ "Protocols to Achieve Coaching Excellence" training will have a powerful impact on you and your clients NOW!

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So who are you? Are you an NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner or NLP Coach?  Are you successful in your work and want more? OR are you still trying to find your groove?

The NLP tool box is huge - add to that Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis and your choices can be overwhelming.

Having 100% confidence that you are doing the right thing at the right time is critical. 

Now, imagine that you used a proven coaching protocol because it ensures your client's success? 

And what if you had a practical method that directed and guided you specifically to your choices at every step of the way AND increased the wholeness of your practice?

What if you ..

  • Had congruity in your message and your methods?
  • Never felt overwhelmed by the severity or complexity of clients problem?
  • Could take the guesswork out of coaching?
  • Earned more money because you could guarantee your results?


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The goal of our work is to enable clients the most results in the most effective, long lasting way.

Our protocols are based on the core principals of NLP as taught by NLP leaders like Steve and Connie-Rae Andreas and Dr. Tad James - creator of Time Line Therapy®.

We add additional tools from across the NLP world as well as non-NLP tools from leading thinkers such Dr. Phil Zimbardo, Simon Sinek and Dr. Alan Watkins.

With PACE™ you will ...

  • Breakthrough with clients quickly and effectively,
  • Learn strategies that allow you to gather concrete evidence and offer guarantees,Sequence your NLP and TLT® tool set,
  • Master & apply ALL your skills,
  • Learn ZTPI – statistical evidence that your client got the change they seek and a tool for you to identify issues that need work,
  • Use Values elicitation - a critical element of coaching,
  • Detailed Personal History – an outlined template,
  • Session sequencing, 
  • Tasking that guarantees results!
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The program is led by Allen Kanerva, an NLP Trainer and Tara Kanerva, a highly experienced Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis, both innovators in the application of NLP.

Many NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners of NLP alike, are confident in their abilities yet still get lost when working with clients.

Too many coaches have learned the skills, but are too afraid or lack confidence to use them! Take your Practice to a whole new level.

We are proud to offer this training based on the proven methods used in our practice.

In over 150 breakthroughs, we have used and improved this process into one guaranteeing the most results in clients.

Three days of intensive learning; new skills are applied through the lens of temporal theory in a breakthrough process.

After three days learning, you will then spend two days pairing up into real guided full 8 hr breakthroughs with another participant.

Gain additional confidence in your new knowledge, and have a step by step process to follow as you breakthrough into your own success!

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Next Course runs May 14 - 18th, 2018!  Take the next step NOW!

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Imagine helping people achieve the results they want, every day AND earning a six digit income as an NLP Coach! You can!

PACE™ - Protocols to Achieve Coaching Excellence