Life is what you make of it!

Imagine an amazing life for you because NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - gives you the tools to change, clear and easily tackle with confidence your every day.

If you want to perform better at work and climb the ladder of success, NLP will help. If you want to create better relationships and become more fulfilled as a person, NLP will help. If you want to achieve everything you've ever dreamed of? NLP will help. 


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So, the big question is, of course, what exactly does an NLP Life Coach do?  Why do you need one? As Coach, we work with our clients to reach specific life goals that enhance their growth in the absence of limiting emotional difficulties. For example we may help a client set a plan to change their lifestyle, improve their business, cultivate new relationships, etc. We are interested in a person's present state and in creating a compelling future.

The changes amaze most clients as they are realized so quickly and are felt so totally!


Breaking Through an Emotionally Stuck State

We move our clients from a stuck state, which is any mental place that they don't want to be, to a state of motivation and positivity. We work with people who are feeling as though they no longer want to deal with the negative emotions, thoughts and/or behaviours that are causing them pain.  We are uniquely trained to help you release the negatives events or emotions of your past, keeping all of the positive learning, resulting in your ability to thrive in your work, relationships and life.

We use Neuro Linguistic ProgrammingHypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy® to quickly and effectively eliminate unwanted thoughts, solve emotional difficulties, and/or ingrained behavioral problems.  Most often these are due to past or recent wounds, trauma or harmful environments.

Call us for a breakthrough if you are:

  • Experiencing unwarranted and inappropriate emotions
  • Feeling overwhelming anxiety of any type
  • Experiencing minor or severe depression
  • Feeling like you need to make a change, but can’t
  • Trying to lose weight but are never successful
  • Experiencing chronic pain
  • Experiencing post-partum depression
  • In a generally negative state
  • Experiencing personal crisis
  • Inexplicably sad, fearful or anxious
  • Feeling alone or
  • Have any feeling that hurts
  • Having difficulty making decisions
  • Trying to manage your Weight or Quit Smoking
  • Lacking motivation or strategy to reach your goals
  • Feeling like you aren't living your best life
  • Unsure how to get what you want
  • Certain that you could be living a better life
  • Feeling left out or left behind
  • Underachieving at work or school
  • Finding work-life balance overwhelming
  • Feeling tired and unmotivated