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Overcoming Post Traumatic Stress!

Reclaim your life now!

You know how, everyday, you hear something about someone dealing with post traumatic stress. You may know someone who is struggling with post traumatic stress – PTSD - a friend, a family member, maybe you.



The main problem is that there is a massive industry being built around post traumatic stress disorder – disorder implying long term illness.

The truth is that post traumatic stress is an injury.

Even more important, it is an injury that can be healed!

We both know that when a person has post traumatic stress,

they aren't able to be the person they are meant to be,

their family suffers,

the organization they serve suffers, and their community suffers.

Imagine a world in which you are able to

overcome post traumatic stress!

Imagine doing it without reliving the trauma and without drugs.

Imagine, reclaiming your life. 

Do what you are meant to do!

Please, read the Research Report and make the commitment to

overcome post traumatic stress NOW!

Listen to the


life after ptsd.jpg

Today, we are in a new unique situation ... people ... you ...

can overcome PTSD in three sessions, that's less than 5 hours total.

I'm Allen Kanerva, a former military officer and pilot.

I have also been a humanitarian worker, working in post conflict zones and in humanitarian crisis - Egypt (Sinai), Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, Somaliland.

As an International NLP Trainer and NLP Master Coach,

I am fortunate to use 

the most sophisticated and rigorously researched tools in neuro-science addressing PTSD.

Tools that have a greater than 90% success rate at HEALING PTSD.

This is truly exciting for people constrained by PTSD.

The opportunity to overcome PTSD, without drugs and without re-experiencing the trauma.

I am asking for your commitment.

If you or someone you know has PTSD or who has been traumatized,

Please, click the link below and learn how you can become PTSD free.

For returning clients, book here: