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Raw, Honest Reflection and Change... 






A Morning Workshop

with Tara Kanerva

An early morning, mind altering, deep inner reflection, creating cool, core change.

Next Workshop will be in early 2020!

only $39+HST,  20 spots available!

Challenge yourself to spark curiosity and change!

What is this workshop about?

This is an NLP Workshop designed to introduce you

to the kinds of tools and techniques and mindsets

that can change everything in a second!

When I learned first learned how
neuro-linguistic programming could change the way I thought and felt about nearly everything in my life, I was astounded at how "fixed" I had been in my beliefs and ideas throughout my life. I felt a lightness that is still indescribable. I felt such incredible lifting of ideas and thoughts and feelings that I thought I was burdened with and had to learn to "cope" with.

The NLP course we teach is 7 crazy intense days long. It's life-changing. This workshop is like a snapshot into what I think is the best of that training and therefore, the   best of the tools and frames I use in my coaching practice.

In this workshop we will talk about whether you are at cause or if you are living your life at the effect of what happens to you! Are you moving toward pleasure or moving away from pain all the time? Do you truly understand the impact of your unconscious beliefs? Have you ever considered that you can change them to help you find joy and strength with more ease? What values and beliefs are driving your every day decisions that are creating results in your life that are either making you happy or not?


(Swearing, Laughing, Outbursts,Tears & Absolute silence all encouraged and allowed!)

Every participant will be eligible for a free one-hour coaching session with me, to be scheduled after the workshop!