• Birth is one of the most significant experiences a woman will ever have.  
  • Modern culture has made it a medical event that often looses it's magic, because of the way it's treated by professionals trained in the essential skills of birthing.
  • You can reclaim the emotional, spiritual and even physical experience of birth if you learn how.  There is an inner wisdom in every woman that, when she listens, will guide her to know how to create the most positive, mind-blowing, human birth she's capable of.  
  • In this introductory workshop, I will offer you ways of turning inward before and during birth, how to focus your mind toward the innate peacefulness of birth and how to stay 'in control' of the whole messy, beautiful thing!
  • Using neuroscience, ancient wisdom, modern research and direct experience, I will shed light on how to create the best chance of having the  pregnancy and birth you are hoping for. 

"We absolutely loved working with Tara!  We met with many birth coaches but immediately clicked with Tara.  She was just so reassuring and comforting.  Not only was she nurturing, she was also extremely knowledgeable about the latest research and best practices around birth. Tara was a complete life-saver! We cannot recommend her highly enough!" 

-Anne & Rick, Birth Clients

Join this one of a kind workshop

Online or Live at Inspired Outcomes in Guelph, ON.  Tara Kanerva is a Master Life Coach, and has specialized in birth coaching for ten years.  A certified doula and experienced leader, Tara will offer insights and practical tools unavailable in any other type of birthing course.  This workshop is the first in a series and is complimentary to Hypnobirthing (any method) or any type of natural birthing/pregnancy classes.

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