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take back the feeling of love and joy this holiday!

Inspired Outcomes

We know how stressful the holidays can be, between hosting, accommodating difficult family members, buying all the gifts and groceries and juggling everyday life or sometimes a lack thereof. The holiday season is generally thought of as a time of joy and love but for far too many people, it’s a time of loneliness. Regardless of where you may feel stressed or stuck there is a way to move past this where you can enjoy a relaxing holiday or a bustling, energizing, fun filled Christmas!

The holidays are all about the gift of giving but we sometimes can manage to receive. It is good to think of yourself during the holidays, it is okay to check in and be able to give yourself some love too! Gift yourself and everyone around you by getting yourself emotionally fit!

We are offering a 3-session package that can do just that. This mini package will allow you to cut your stress in half and count on greater emotional stability during the holiday season!

Here is the Breakdown:

1st Session will include:
45-minute phone call/zoom/skype
This will allow Tara to understand what stress you are holding onto this holiday season

2nd Session will include:
2-hour session either in person or over
skype/zoom This is where the magic will happen. Tara will eliminate your stress and invoke your inner happiness

3rd Session will include:
1.5-hour session either in person or over
skype/zoom In this session, Tara will instill all of your learnings from your previous sessions and will make sure they are deep rooted, so they stick! You will also receive a custom meditation recording to listen to at home.

First session must be booked between November 14th – December 1
Sessions to be completed by January 30th
Cost: $300.00


Inspired Outcomes

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