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Breakthrough and rise into power,

 courage and a genuine you!

"NLP was beyond anything I could have imagined, and I will be forever grateful of the work Tara and I did together. ...I appreciate every day, knowing how truly fortunate I am to be living as my authentic and strong self."


Endless gratitude for you, Tara.

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I know what it's like to be stuck, to feel anxious and frustrated! I know the big, giant feeling that it's too much, too confusing, too hard.  I also know well that nagging, annoying feeling of being  constantly overwhelmed, stretched too thin and never quite calm and rested.  


I hear you.  I feel you.  You know that something has to change, but you can’t figure out how to change it!  Whatever it is you face, I promise that there is a way out.  I can  guide you to calm,  to stronger, to courage and clarity.

My personal commitment and understanding of my clients is the reason I get such incredible results. I am positive that you have not had an experience like the one I offer.  I've developed and used this unique approach with myself and with hundreds of women who are now living more authentic lives as a result. 


Imagine your own possibilities when you step into your potential.  Let me help you breakthrough.

Your experience will be powerful, fascinating and transformative. Choose your path!  All sessions are available in person and online.  I have clients experiencing change around the world!

  • Breakthrough - Breakthrough your current stuck state!  6 sessions in 3 weeks to break through to the strength and clarity required to create the change you want!  In depth follow up at 4 weeks and 8 weeks.  

  • 6 months of Focus and Manifestation.  Redesign yourself!  Start with a breakthrough and then we will meet as often as once a week or as casual as once a month. 

  • The 12 month coaching and mentorship of Growing into Change - a Healing Journey.  Change your whole life, supported, encouraged and guided at every turn.  Online, and in person with Tara.  Audio programs, Meditation, Workshops, Reading Groups, Spiritual Opportunities, Ongoing Learning and Check-Ins.

I am truly a happy, successful woman. My secret is that I have figured out how to find joy and lightness even when life seems grim.  I have learned to summon strength in those moments that scare the #!%@ out of me and most importantly, I  stay focused on creating spaces full of uncompromising kindness & compassion.


My greatest blessings come when I can share, guide and heal in this way.

Tara Kanerva, MA

Co-Founder & NLP Master Practitioner

Coaching is a calling for me.  I live and breathe the work I do.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in the hands of a Master Practitioner, along with Core Transformation and Wholeness, is a true gift. It's like being able to tap into the heart, the soul of what you most want and with nothing more than changing your focus, being able to create it.  My own life has been transformed for the better as a result. 

I work with women who I often easily relate to, those who feel frustrated, lost, confused, traumatized or just simply stuck.  The women I see always know they need to create change in some aspect of their life, whether it is in their relationships, their health, in their career or as a parent balancing it all.  I work with anyone who knows it's time to break old patterns and move forward feeling better!





I'm a mother of three noisy, beautiful kids, a wife, a busy coach, an active trainer and a business owner.  I've been stuck and feeling shitty and lost in self-pity and blame in the past. I have my own story of assault, of recovery and of mistakes and setbacks. I know how it feels. I also know how it feels to amaze yourself with what you can do and how thoroughly you can overcome things you never thought you would.   


I started coaching after many years of formal education, even more informal education, and all sorts of experience working with women in a wide variety of situations at home and abroad.  For many years now, I have successfully helped people find their strength, as a peer leader, as a director, as a practitioner and as a coach, I've supported women making very difficult decisions, facing extreme life situations and seeking clarity in times of stress and pain.

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