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Life coach is a strange title to make sense of.  I have devoted the last decade of my life becoming a trustworthy and deeply skilled guide to help people find a more balanced and grounded self - mind, body & soul.

It's hard to define what I do.  I am a coach, yes.  But somehow that word 'coach' doesn't match exactly what I am.  I am a mentor and teacher and healer in many ways.  I specialize in the labours of love - birth and relationships.  I have spent a lifetime learning the skills, the insights and the tools to help other people work through the difficult challenges we all face in our lives.

Everything I create, I build for people who want greater intention in their lives. For the brave, willing to let go of  fear with as much courage as they follow their inner knowing. For the seekers of calm and wholeness and the dreamers of spirited dreams.

Birth Coaching

Current and Returning Clients

To book a regular on-going session or a check-in session with Tara. 

(If you have already done a breakthrough with Tara in the past, just book directly into the schedule for a 90 minute session anytime!)

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Finding the right coach for you makes  ALL the difference!

Whether you are up against the stresses associated with anxiety, trauma or depression, or just feeling the weight of life; If you are figuring out how to parent through a post-pandemic world, or seeking some badly needed guidance as you manage all the changes... having a coach that you can be comfortable, real and honest with and who can guide you, effectively back to your strongest self - it's a very good way to  reclaim your calm and live a better life. 

 I can meet you where you are, help you laugh through your tears and guide you to reconnect to your most core, essential, resilient self.

The truth is, I may be just what you need, or I may not.  And I don't believe in starting to work together until we know we're a fit.  Book a free 30 minute consult with me to find out before you commit. 

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Breakthrough Coaching with Tara Kanerva

Breakthrough, Focus, & Manifestation

I work with clients for three months.  There is a month of intense change and then two months of learning how to recreate the unique little parts of your life to reflect a more confident, clear you.

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Body & Soul
Healing Journey

Change your whole life, starting with a breakthrough, followed by 6 months of guidance, mentoring and course-correcting as you build a new, improved version of your current life!

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A Gift

Self-Hypnosis Audio to Cultivate Wholeness

"You Are the Light"

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Life Changing Results

I can honestly say the results have been life changing - there are countless examples of how your coaching and support have improved my daily life, relationships and opportunities.

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Calm in COVID-19

Not once have I lost sleep about the current state of our world, something I would have certainly experienced even a few short weeks ago had I not met with you.

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Serving clients across North America, USA, Canada, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, Guelph, Waterloo, London, Kitchener, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver & Victoria, one on one, in person, over the internet, via Skype, ZOOM, Messenger video.

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