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We want to help you move toward WHO you are, what you can achieve the life you want to live!

Breakthrough your current limitations and  join our community!  

The program embraces Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  Time Line Therapy,  Hypnosis, Neuroscience, and healing.

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 Life Transforming Learning

All the tools you need to become a more successful you and an amazing NLP Life Coach!

WHY Do You Want To Coach? 

HOW Will You Stand Out?

The first step in your personal transformation is simply to know why you want to pursue coaching as a career - is your mess your message?  Is your gift your life learning?

Trying to 5x or 10x your life, your career or your business can only succeed after you identify your purpose in the choices you're making.  We can help. 

Imagine accessing your own wiring and imprinting, updating it to who you want to be now and beginning to create the best possible future for yourself - by your design!

First, learn the basic NLP Skills.  Then if you are intrigued and inspired, continue down the road with the world's most individualized coach profiling to start you off!

You, by your design, will Identify and rewrite the surface behaviours, core intentions and deep roots of your unconscious programming.  Throughout our inspired training courses, you'll get the unique opportunity to change beliefs, create effective internal strategies, clear negative emotions, connect to positive emotions and create new habits habits and embrace a winning mindset.  


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Comprehensive NLP Training

This is step #1 - Training & the option to Certify.  

 Learn the tools and techniques of neuro-linguistic programming.  You can do this online only ($785) or with us LIVE for certification! (way more fun for $3,495)

This is our flagship, one of a kind NLP training course. This is the difference between finding the solutions for yourself now and being able to sustain the change as your grow and evolve in an on-going way - no matter what life throws at you!  
One Course, Four Certifications: NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach, Timeline Therapy Practitioner, Introductory Hypnosis.
Learn, practice, implement and grow. Take even more control of your life, your results, your trajectory. Knowledge, understanding and the ability to advance your life by your design.


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    Coach in Excellence

As you learn how to master your own mind, you may choose to become a coach who is able to help others too! 

PACE Coaching is based on the massively successful and proven PACE© coaching protocol.  It is the single most EFFECTIVE NLP based Coach Program available today!

IMAGINE mastering your one-to-one abilities with others. What will you FEEL when you are the guide toward the CHANGE they deserve? This is next-step in INTENSIVE!

You will start with a PRE-STUDY video program, followed by a 3.5-day LIVE ONLINE  or LIVE IN-PERSON training, capped off with a 2.5 day PRACTICUM where you will get to be both COACH and CLIENT.

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Invaluable One on One Coaching and Client Review Sessions!

Coaches know more than anyone, the value and importance of coaching.

Once you have complete the training & coaching protocol, you will have the chance to work with Allen on your own personal goals.

He will guide you to overcome any limiting beliefs and guide you to successfully starting your own coaching business!

Once you have clients, you will receive another 2 hours of client review sessions with Allen or Tara.

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"U-by-design Mastery" is a 10-day Elite Coaching and Advanced NLP BOARD CERTIFIED MASTER PRAC certification program! Intended for certified NLP Practitioners, this course will allow you to practice and develop advanced NLP techniques. By the end of the course, you will become a certified NLP Master Practitioner, gain advanced tools for your NLP toolkit, and excel in coaching even the most difficult clients. We offer this training once a year. Payment plans available. Contact us for course dates.


The greatest leaders and teachers never, ever stop learning.  How else could one gain mastery?

Inspired Outcomes has created and successfully delivered one of the most in depth, life-changing Master Practitioner Trainings you will find anywhere.  We have taken the most important NLP skills and expanded their use into various fields of study.  During these 10 dynamic and absorbing days, you will learn quantum linguistics, deep structured NLP tools, in depth trauma protocol work, epigenetics, quantum healing, pro-consciousness meditation, Myers Briggs evaluative framework, Spiral Dynamics, as well how to use our NLP lens on the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Lynn McTaggart and many more. You want to take this course! As a coach, this Mastery level work will lift your practice to a whole new level.


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