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Friday, March 27th & Saturday, March 28th

(with optional Thursday evening check-in and

intimate evening social with Tara and her team)


Location: Natural Setting one hour from Guelph

Reserve your spot now - Only 10 spots available

Reg $1500. This time only, register for Half Price: $750!


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Learn to guide clients into peace,
resolution, & new found energy. 


The Wholeness Process retreat offers wholeness training to anyone interested in expanding their own sense of resourcefulness and wholeness.  Also wonderful for coaches, clinicians, & practitioners to add to their toolbag.  


All Wholeness work is based on methods developed by Connirae Andreas.


       Learn how to:

  • Reset the nervous system - truly release the tension and stress you carry

  • Gently melt away problems that previously seemed like intractable issues

  • Increase your sense of well-being

  • Access natural wisdom, compassion, humor & creativity

 The Wholeness Process retreat also features meditation, yoga, massage, and whole-foods meals. All course materials are included in the price.

The Wholeness Process is a method of deep shifting and dissolving of negative states and emotions developed by Internationally Celebrated Author, Innovator and NLP Master Trainer, Connirae Andreas.  

My own story of healing from Two Perspectives:  Regular Person and Master Coach:


My life is hectic.  I work, I parent, I chauffeur, I manage budgets and groceries and people and problems day in and day out.  I felt indecisive.  Conflicted and out of balance much of the time.  I give most of my energy to other people and their needs, leaving myself and my own inner care-taking to the outer limits of my days. - introspection usually happening only in the shower or in the few minutes before falling asleep.   Sound familiar?  That was me.  I was that.  

Through Wholeness work I was able to deal with some of the most core, deeply seeded and life-long problems I faced.....feeling judged, comparing myself to others, not knowing if I was doing what I was meant to be doing....I started making decisions from my core, feeling good about all of my choices in a whole, deeply grounded way.  I felt like I was able to really continue living my life more meaningfully with deliberate purpose and joy.


Wholeness became a simple, clear technique I use daily to dissolve the complexities of my persistent, on-going, unbalanced states.


Mother, Master Coach, Business Owner, Leader, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Animal keeper...

While I loved the thought of meditation and yoga and inner peace, my own failure with it as a regular practice made it illusive. Even with the very useful tools I had already, I wasn't always feeling balanced or grounded in important matters.  I knew there must be a way to go deeper. 

​"The Wholeness work was the answer for me when I desired to go deeper.  Some of my own issues and the challenges my clients faced weren't accessible even through the unconscious learning I could elicit.  I needed more.  I needed something that could reach beyond the emotions and stories, beyond even the positive change we find through other means of healing. 


And that's what I found with the Wholeness Process."  

As a Master Coach:


I use Wholeness with many of my clients with the same lasting results. 


For practitioners, coaches or leaders to learn how to guide their clients or patients  quickly into a place of peace and resolution or help awaken them into energy and action! 


I am so grateful to Connirae, and finally now I feel I have experienced so much, so deeply that it's time for me to offer to you what Connirae has entrusted me to share and teach." 

Workshop Schedule


Friday begins with coffee and snacks in the conference room as we meet and settle into the course. The evening will be magical!

8:45:   Arrive & Register

9:00-12:00:   Intro To Wholeness Part I

12:15-1:30:   Lunch 

1:30 - 2:00    Body Movement

2:00-3:30:   Wholeness Part II

3:30-3:45pm:   Coffee Break 

3:45-5:00pm:    Wholeness Part III

6:00 - 8:00pm: Catered Dinner 


(5 - 9 Body Treatments, details coming)

8:00pm - Fireside chat, dance, sing, share.....


Saturday the training begins at 9am. We will have a full day of training AND you can be back with your family for dinner Saturday evening!





8:00 - 9:00:  Yoga & Meditation

9:00-12:00:  Wholeness Part IV

12:00-1:30:   Lunch 

1:30-2:00:   Body Movement

2:00-4:00:   Wholeness Wrap-up

Call us for More Info (519) 830 0140 or email to  Once you have registered for the Training we will provide you with the information regarding  the overnight stay! (single and double rooms available)

Limited to only 10 women,

so lock it in and secure this experience for yourself now!

You deserve it!