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Tonia Winchester 

PACE Certified, Master NLP Coach & Practitioner

Dr. Tonia Winchester has been in practice as a licensed Naturopathic Doctor since 2007. Now as a NLP Master Coach Practitioner, using contemporary brain-based techniques, she helps to transform people’s minds. Insomnia, burnout, stress, anxiety, pain, & fatigue; Tonia guides her clients through a "Breakthrough" process to easily & gently clear the painful imprint of the past, & recode to make & sustain positive changes in health & beyond. The results are strengthened connection to self-love, worth, & value - toward a self-affirmation, happy, meaningful relationships & compelling futures. When at play, Tonia gets lost (and found) in the forest, salsa dancing, & turns paper into pretty things.

https://coach.toniawinchester.com/book-1; fb/insta/linked in: @coachtonia and twitter and youtube: @nlpcoachtonia

Michael Kauffman

PACE Certified, NLP Coach & Practitioner

For the past 20 years, Mike has coached leaders to deliver top results. A former leader in the technology industry for large national and international companies to small- to mid-sized firms, he has helped leaders create more human-oriented cultures that deliver innovative outcomes. Trained in systems and relationship coaching, he is a recognized expert in Neuro-linguistic Programming. Known for being approachable, his coaching style is integrative, connective, supportive, and encouraging. Mike helps you release what isn't serving you and breakthrough your own barriers to help you live a more fulfilling and integrative life.

www.kaufman-consulting.ca, linkedin.com/in/mkaufman811; [email protected]

Katherine Endy 

Inspired NLP Coach & Practitioner

Dr. Katherine Endy, PhD - The Family Life Coach, offers NLP-informed parent coaching to parents and caregivers of 2-10 year old children. She specializes in helping parents of highly sensitive children shift their perspective and learn tools for calming their own nervous systems (and their kids'!) Dr. Endy's clients report feeling calmer, more confident, and more connected to their children, their partner, and themselves after working with her.

www.katherineendy.com; https://www.youtube.com/@thefamilylifecoach


Ashley Klesken 

PACE Certified, Master NLP Coach & Practitioner

From a basic counseling background combined with specific trauma-focused training, I am confident I can easily help with the variety of adversity and challenges you've experienced. The PACE protocol has not only completely changed my own life, but also is one of the many revolutionary tools I offer others. Add to that a holistic systems lens from the engineer I was in a previous chapter, I create a razor-sharp vision and plan for how to get you exactly where you want to be. Whether you are looking for healing from particular traumatic events, resolution of a mind-body illness, or a specific offering like parts work or shadow work, I am happy to set up a time to meet for any of that and more. We can see just how radically we can change any kind of thought, behavior, or feeling in our life!

Email [email protected] to schedule a first chat, free consult, or first session today!



Caroline Miller

PACE Certified, NLP Coach & Practitioner

I am a RN Psychotherapist & Coach who has specialized in Perinatal Mental Health. I work specifically with women and moms who are struggling with symptoms of depression and anxiety. I am able to help if you feel like you have experienced birth, pre or postnatal trauma of any kind. With help, you will be well.

As a survivor of postpartum depression and anxiety herself, Caroline understands how frightening and difficult managing postpartum mood and anxiety disorders can be.  She addresses a glaring need for services to be more accessible for parents who are suffering from perinatal mood disorders.

Caroline Miller Counselling / Sudbury Postpartum

Email: [email protected]

@sudburypostpartum (IG & FB)

Sarah Tacoma

Inspired NLP Coach & Practitioner

Sarah is an NLP coach and Herbalist, bringing together the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies in her practice. As a Metaphysical Herbalist, she works with psychosomatic contributors to health and healing. With custom herbal formulations, flower essences, and NLP strategies, she helps peel back layers for deep, integrated wellness that is gentle and nuanced.

Sarah Tacoma - Bloem Botanicals

Email: [email protected]

www.bloembotanicals.ca www.instagram.com/bloembotanicals




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