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Our mission  is to train the world's best Coaches.  We pride ourselves on the on-going support and mentorship we offer before, during and after our world-class training.

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"The way to do GREAT work, is to KNOW who you are and LOVE what you do!"

We founded a company that is devoted to creating change in the world by creating powerful change in the individual. We use NLP foundations to coach and teach healing, transformation & change.

Allen Kanerva - Founder, The Trauma Team

Allen is an NLP trainer & coach and vocal advocate for traumatized people.   

Trauma is an injury that can heal.  Allen spends most of his time training others in the most effective modality to help heal the symptoms of trauma. It is evidence based with over 90% efficacy, it is drug free and very brief.

If you are suffering from trauma or if you are someone hoping to increase your effectiveness in dealing with traumatized people, contact Allen.

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Tara Kanerva, Transformational Coaching

Tara has helped many thrive through difficult transitions. Today, she works primarily with coaches who, themselves, work in the field of healing and transformation.  

While her first specialty was in the field of birth coaching, her expertise has expanded over the last decade, to healing and transformation in various ways

If you are stuck, or if you are a coach who seeks deeper guidance, working with Tara may be exactly what you're looking for. 

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Coach Training

In an unstable economy, people are looking to coaches more than ever, to develop the mindset required to stay focused and succeed in their lives!  You can stand out as a successful NLP coach in just a few months of training!

Learn with us in our NLP Prac course, then master NLP techniques and sequences as a Master Coach! From the very first step through to mastery, we guide you toward a personalized coaching method designed exactly for you. 

There is no other training program like it!

NLP Practitioner Training




Trauma Training (contact Allen)


Core Transformation Training

& Wholeness Training (contract Tara)

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Take our Coaching Style quiz to find out what type of coach you are! Your coaching style is so important to understand! The key to being a happy and successful as a coach is to know how to adapt your skills to your preferences so you can coach in flow!

Contact us to learn more about how you can benefit from NLP coaching and training.

We strive to be available to you as often as we can.  We pride ourselves on speaking with you directly, to guide you and to remain a direct source of support, before, during and after training.

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Phone/Text for a call back:

Tara:  226-979-8772

Allen: 647-983-8551

Email: [email protected]


If you want to support our efforts in providing neuro coaching and trauma support to those who can't afford it themselves, please click this button to donate any amount. We can provide a receipt and all donations will go to people who need support and are unable to pay for service. In gratitude, Allen and Tara


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