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Trauma happens. You can get better. With the help of The Trauma Team, over 90% of our clients are successful at clearing symptoms of post-traumatic stress and leading happy, healthy, diagnosis-free lives once more.

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Professional Counseling

Our licensed mental health care team offers one-on-one, online and in-person counselling for people suffering from psychological trauma. As trauma specialists we help you achieve your best results.

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How We're Different

When you work with The Trauma Team, we focus on getting you back to where you want to be, fast. Our intervention takes less than 6 sessions. It is non-retraumatizing, and is 100% drug-free. 

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Absolute Proof

According to leading trauma research, our protocol is over 90% successful at eliminating symptoms of post-traumatic stress, and the effects have been shown to remain even 2 years after treatment.

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What People are Saying

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How it Works

Our protocol works because it integrates the most rigorously researched trauma intervention tools that exist today. We use techniques from neuroscience, trauma-focused NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy® to create change.

First, we briefly reactivate the traumatic memory, with absolutely no retelling of the story required. Then we get dissociated, and guide clients into a physiologically calm state. When the work is done, we check whether the memory will be traumatizing in the future. Lastly, we assess clients using a globally recognized trauma diagnosis tool, ensuring they got good results and are now diagnosis-free.

With our simple protocol, we have yielded amazing results that are emerging on the world stage of neuroscience.

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Because trauma is an injury
that can heal.

You know someone who's been traumatized. We all do.

The main problem is, the health industry promotes that post-traumatic stress cannot be cured. And we all know how difficult it is to find therapy that works. 

Imagine a world where trauma is an injury that can heal.

It's possible. The Trauma Team helps people completely eliminate the symptoms and diagnosis of post-traumatic stress using a rigorously researched, leading modality in trauma. Whatever your struggle, we know better is possible.
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Allen Kanerva, MA, Founder & Director

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