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3.5-day Live Online PACE™ Training for NLP Coaches
+ 2.5-Day Coaching Breakthrough Practicum

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Experience our 6-Day Live Online PACE™ 
Coaching Excellence Program

Get lifetime access to our
Training Vault

Next 2023 Live Online Event: May 4th - 7th & May 11th - 13th 


3.5 Live Online Training Days. 


& One-on-one Coaching Breakthrough Practicum to follow (2.5 days). 

A course for NLP trained coaches. 

As an added bonus, get 6 months of Tuesday Talks - Trauma Talks and Courageous Coaching, for FREE!

Payment plans available.  Call us now to learn what's possible for you!


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Engage in our
3.5-Day Live Online Training

PACE™ starts with a 3.5-day live online event with International NLP Trainer Allen Kanerva & Master NLP Coach Tara Kanerva. You'll learn how to sequence your NLP skillset, and get clients measurable results every time with PACE™ .


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Experience your
Personal PACE™ Breakthrough

The weekend after your 3.5-day live event, you'll engage in a 2.5-day breakthrough coaching experience. You'll perform a breakthrough on a peer, and then become a client yourself and breakthrough all the obstacles holding you back in coaching.

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PLUS Join a Community!

Included in your registration is lifetime access to recordings of the whole PACE™ course, Plus an invite to join our Abundant Coach™ community! Continue to develop as a coach by joining us every other Tuesday at 7:30pm EST and engage in hot-topics and Q&A.


Gain Online Access

Can't make the live event? We've got you covered. Right now we're offering discounted access  to the PACE video training vault. Contact Us to learn more now.

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"Highly Recommend"

“I would say that I have met few trainers in the last 40 years, in academia, continuing clinical education and NLP training, with his personal integrity, facility with NLP tools and acumen in training to clinical competency. I highly recommend his NLP Training Institute, and his personal training programs to anyone looking for genuine behavioral capability, delivered by a person of great personal
empathy and integrity." 
Frank Bourke, PhD, Cornell University Professor (ret'd)


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"Best Training"

"This is the best training I've had as a counsellor in my field. I left and felt consciously competent to walk into a week of clients and use the protocol right away... I wish this was a foundational course in grad school... I wish I had taken this earlier!"
Sarah Burnett, MS, LMHC






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"Gifted & Gentle"

"I have been an instructor of various things for the last 35 years: in the military, in
law enforcement, the civilian sector, as well as an adjunct professor at a State
College... Allen Kanerva is in the top 3% of instructors I have observed. I have observed him be unexpectedly pulled into an ongoing protocol when a clinician hit a block with a
troubled client. With the utmost of ease and with a gifted and gentle manner, Allen
redirected and reengaged the client effortlessly. He is amazing to watch in action."
Craig Hardcastle, Major (ret’d) USMC

What is PACE™?

Many NLP Practitioners and Master NLP Practitioners get lost when working with clients because the NLP tool box is huge, and choosing which tools to use at the right times is difficult. Add to NLP your Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis tools, and your choices can be overwhelming. And everyone knows that to get clients results, having 100% confidence that you are doing the right thing at the right time is critical. 

With PACE™ we eliminate the confusion. PACE™ offers you a protocol that outlines how to get from problem to solution, step by step, using the skills you've already invested in!  It's the final step in your NLP journey. After PACE™, you can start coaching clients successfully.

In PACE™ you learn how to:

  • Sequence your NLP and TLT® tool set and your sessions
  • Gather concrete evidence
  • Use ZTPI to gain statistical evidence that your client got the change they seek and to identify issues that need work
  • Use Values Elicitation, a critical element of coaching, to target what a client wants
  • Use Detailed Personal History, an outlined template
  • Provide clients tasks that guarantees results
  • Master & apply ALL your skills
  • Breakthrough with clients quickly and effectively


  • Using a proven coaching protocol that ensures client success.
  • Being directed to your toolbox choices every step of the way.
  • Never feeling overwhelmed by the severity or complexity of client's problem, and taking the guesswork out of coaching 100% of the time.
  • Making more money because you can guarantee your results.

PACE™ will get you there.

PACE™ brings together years of research, concepts from neuro-science, and knowledge from many schools of NLP into an all-in-one coaching excellence training. It is offered to you who have a baseline knowledge of NLP, and teaches you how to follow a step-by-step protocol that goes from root cause to successful future in eight sessions. PACE™ offers you a complete breakthrough process, using the best of old code and new code NLP to prepare you to address ANY issue your client brings to the table.

Not only will you learn how to use the protocol with clients, you'll take turns with a course partner actually performing the protocol with each other in 2 breakthroughs done the last week on course. Investing in the PACE™ Protocols to Achieve Coaching Excellence Training will create confidence and refine your skills to become totally certain in your ability to move and guide your clients through a personal breakthrough!

In addition, all of our NLP courses including NLP Practitioner Training, Master NLP Practitioner Training, and PACE™ (Protocols for Achieving Coaching Excellence) count towards continuing education (CE) credits/hours for registered mental health practitioners.

Live Online Event!


PACE™ is led by Allen Kanerva, an NLP Trainer, and Tara Kanerva, a busy working NLP Coach and highly experienced Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis. Both Allen and Tara are innovators in the application of NLP.

In 1,000+ client breakthroughs, we have used and improved this process into one which guarantees results. We are proud to offer this training based on the proven methods we use in our practice.

Our protocols are based on the core principals of NLP as taught by NLP leaders like Steve and Connie-Rae Andreas and Dr. Tad James - creator of Time Line Therapy®. We add additional tools from across the NLP world as well as non-NLP tools from leading thinkers such Lisa Feldman Barrett, Dr. David Kessler, Gabor Mate, Dr. Phil Zimbardo, Simon Sinek, Victor Frankl and others.

In 3.5 days of intensive learning you will gain new skills and apply them through the lens of temporal theory in a breakthrough process.

You will then pair up into real, guided, career-focused breakthroughs with another participant. Gain additional confidence in your new knowledge, and have a step by step process to follow as you breakthrough into your own coaching success!


Get massive traction in your future NLP coaching now! 


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You will get more that $6,000 dollars of VALUE for just $3,295 if you pay today! Start for as little as $1000 and pay over 3 months!

  • 3.5-Day Live Online Course, PLUS
  • 2.5 Day PACE™ Breakthrough Practicum
  • Full Personal PACE™ breakthrough  to ensure you blowout anything that's holding you back in your coaching success (valued at $2,500)
  • Coach your first PACE™ Breakthrough with one of your peers with supervision and live feedback from Allen and Tara.
  • Lifetime access to the PACE™ Vault that houses ALL the course videos, lessons and support material for your use in the future

  • Membership in the bi- weekly live online Abundant Coach™ sessions with Allen & Tara
  • Coaching career support from Allen & Tara
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