2024 Training Schedule

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  • our detailed 'Inspired Life Assessment" ($250),
  • a 1-hour 1:1 Inspired Life coaching session ($250), and
  • a 25% discount¬†off of¬†one our trainings of your choice!

Get ready to take your coaching journey to the next level by registering for our inspired trainings! Our NLP Training offers you the opportunity to access the most innovative and advanced coaching tools available. We can't wait to see you succeed and achieve your coaching goals. Get excited and join us today!


8 Weeks of Live Online Training with Allen & Tara.

  • Online Self-Paced Pre-requisite Learning.
  • Thursday Evening Live Sessions, 6pm - 9:30pm Weekly for 8 weeks.¬†
  • The world's best coaching techniques for phobias, limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

2024 DATES

Thursdays 6 pm - 9:30 pm + Saturdays Week 5 & 8 9 am - 3 pm EST

February 1st - March 23rd

- Complete-

April 11th -  June 1st

-Complete -

August 15th - September 5th -

Open for registration!

Make the commitment! Deposit $595 today to secure your spot and have access to the full course online right away!

P.A.C.E. Training

Pathways for Achieving Coaching Excellence

Our Proprietary Trademark Training Like No Other Coach Training Out There. 

  • Evidence-Based Coaching Protocol Using NLP Techniques and more!
  • Verified, Measurable results-based process.
  • Step by Step Process to use with all of your clients!

2024 Dates

4 Days Training 9am - 6pm + 2 Days Breakthrough Practicum 

 March 4th - 9th 

May 12th - 17th

Sep 15th - 20th

Nov 4th - 9th

Make the commitment! Deposit $595 today to secure your spot and have access to the full course online right away!


Healing Trauma Workshops 

Allen will be leading 9 Trauma Workshop this year!

  • 2 intensive days of the most current &¬†highest efficacy trauma knowledge available,

  • Introduction to the 7 T's of Trauma,

  • The UNSHACKLED TRAUMA WORKSHOP MANUAL including trauma focused:

    1. Sensory Acuity,

    2. Submodalities,

    3. Sympathetic Response Break States,

    4. Parasympathetic Activation Techniques,

    5. Resource State Activation,

    6. Visual-spatial Interventions,

    7. Memory Labilization, and 

    8. Memory Reconsolidation. 

  • Understand the mechanisms that enable >90% efficacy,

  • The NLP Trauma Intervention including a minimum of¬†¬†2 practicum sessions.


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2024 Dates

2 Days Friday & Saturday - Online Zoom - 9am - 5pm

Feb 23rd & 24th - *completed

Mar 22nd & 23rd - *completed

Apr 26th & 27th - *completed

May 24th & May25th

Jun 28th & 29th

Aug 23rd & 24th

Sep 27th & 28th

Oct 25th & 26th

Nov 22nd & 23rd

What graduates are saying...

"I recommend every coach in the world take this course!  PACE is the game changer.  I went from no success to a full coaching practice in less than four months after completing PACE!  Do it!  Tara and Alen are fun and so full of knowledge!  

Brenda Charmaine

"I was about to give up on coaching before I took the Trauma Training with Allen.  So many of my clients have trauma and I didn't know how to deal with it.  Now I am able to clear their trauma and help my clients thrive!

Ryan Anderson

"I'm a Personal Training and learning NLP tools was amazing for me!  My clients used to struggle so much to stick to their diets and now I can help them in their minds!  They are so amazed at what I can do to help them become who they want to become inside and out now!

Rayna Wilson

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