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Level 1 - The Curious Mind: Explore NLP Tools


Just looking?  Start here and pick and choose actionable tools for personal growth and coaching. From just $25


Level 3 - The Ambitious Mind: Certification


Earn 3 powerful certifications - NLP, Time Line Therapy and Introduction to Hypnosis. With this training you can start or accelerate your personal development journey! 



Mentorship is a powerful relationship that breeds success, encouragement and support on both sides

Having a skilled coach who believes in you can make all the difference.

We are committed to your success and continue to support you long after your training is complete.  You have our word.


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What People are Saying


I was thoroughly supported and valued while gently invited into massive change. Tara brought consistent encouragement and hope to the table. Our work together transformed a lot of my anxiety and GI issues, which deepened my own interest in learning NLP.

-Ashley Klesken


I really feel like PACE is an advance professional coach training and I can bet it surpasses the results most ICF coaches get with their clients! This was a critical turning point in my career as a Professional Coach.  I am one happy and confident PACE Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Coach! Thank you for sharing PACE - it is incredible approach to powerful coaching!  

-Simone Usselman-Tod

Allen and Tara are absolutely incredible teachers, motivators, and complete role-models for me. Allen and Tara truly care about you, and help you transform into an excellent practitioner. I can only tell you how amazing it feels to be a part of a community that cares so much about you and how you progress through life. I have had the wonderful pleasure of taking NLP Practitioner, Hypnosis, and PACE with Inspired Outcomes, and this training has completely changed my life!!! 

-Jessica V - Master Coach

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