"How to create abundance
as an NLP Trained coach."

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What people are saying about Allen & Tara...

“I have the tools to affect change in clients quickly and effortlessly and painlessly. I got more from this 7 days than I did in a year and a half of coaching classes."

Elaine Turcotte, MNLP, Courageous Living

"This is the best training I've had as a counsellor in my field. I left TF-NLP and felt consciously competent to walk into a week of clients and use the protocol right away. Once you find a trainer who is knowledgeable enough to provide what they say they can, you want to keep going with them. I wish this was a foundational course in grad school... I wish I had taken this earlier!"
Sarah Burnett, MS, Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Certified Yoga and AcroYoga Teacher, NLP Practitioner

“I would say that I have met few trainers in the last 40 years, in academia, continuing clinical education and NLP training, with his personal integrity, facility with NLP tools and acumen in training to clinical competency. I highly recommend his NLP Training Institute, and his personal training programs to anyone looking for genuine behavioral capability, delivered by a person of great personal empathy and integrity." 

Frank Bourke, PhD, Cornell University Professor

Courageous Coach Talks with Tara

- The Last Tuesday of Every Month!

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These conversations are informative and fun and we laugh as much as we contemplate and consider the best way to take new ideas and fold them into the powerful work of NLP coaching. We use these innovations in our approach with our clients and their problems.

The zoom call becomes confidential after the main discussion is complete.  Once we stop the recording, Tara will answer your personal questions and help guide you to the best tools and techniques to use in individual situations. 

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