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Exclusive Coaching, 12-Day Intensive Master Practitioner Training 2023!

Live Online and in-person in Ontario, Canada!  

12 Days that will change your life! 

Registration open - payment plans available. 

June 9 - 12 online

June 23 - 26 online

& July 6 - 9


(online still available by request)

Register now for this exclusive experience. Get in contact with us now and talk to us to see if you qualify for this unique Inspired Master Practitioner Certification Training.

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INSPIRED NLP Master Practitioner
Certification Training

Advance your skills!

Enroll in the
12-Day NLP Master 
Practitioner Certification Training 

With 2 4 day blocks of online training, followed by 4 days of LIVE training, this program is designed to fit your life and work!

This 12-day Elite Coaching Master Prac. training will be co-facilitated by Master Coach & Trainer Allen Kanerva of Inspired Outcomes & Tara Kanerva Between us we have studied with several different schools and bring to the table an amazing level of skill.  You will have a deeper, more satisfying and applicable basis for using NLP Skills to live a healthier, more successful life!  

This course is available to those who hold an NLP Practitioner Certification.  If you are a coach interested in levelling up, talk to us about completing your NLP Prac prior to Master Practitioner Training!

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Our Unique Inspired Master Practitioner Course will cover:


Quantum Linguistics – Conversational Change

  • Learn how to use the verb tense to conversationally put present problems in the past and future solutions in the present
  • Learn how to use language with volition as a resource for success
  • Discover how easy it is to change limiting beliefs unobtrusively, during conversation
  • How to use a set of specific questions to direct your client’s thinking in a more positive way (Meta Model III)
  • Discover deep unconscious sources of unhappiness (Prime Concerns)
  • A fail-safe negotiation model & NLP and Quantum Thinking
  • Simple and easy to understand introduction to quantum thinking and personal change
  • We simplify Quantum Thinking for you and show you how to use the principles in using your NLP techniques.
  • We show you why the human mind works more like Quantum Physics than Newtonian Physics and how to use that to create change with individuals.
  • The holographic nature of the universe and why spontaneous healing occurs

Core Values - What Motivates and Drives Us from Within.

  • Discover what motivates you, what constitutes your personal conscious and unconscious ethics and fulfillment
  • Learn how to identify the part of values which do not serve and support you anymore
  • Identify and get rid of unconscious values conflicts
  • Thinking in relation to values and your personal evolution
  • How to change values so that they support your desires and growth
  • How to use values alignment in business, sales, management, relationships, etc

Meta Programs - Automated Inner Patterns that make a HUGE difference in our lives.

  • Meta programs are unconscious inner patterns that make you who you are.  Discover how these inner filters make people have different skills and abilities.
  • How to select the people you consider most suitable for certain jobs in a win-win situation.
  • Learn how to elicit Meta Programs conversationally to become a more effective communicator.
  • Use hardwired neurological drivers to create lasting change. 

Quantum Healing

  • Learn about the 5 bodies of health (Sheldrake) and how you can stimulate healing at each level.
  • Identify how your ailment is related to your psychological and emotional state of being.
  • Heal through mental and emotional mapping
  • Chakras, Chinese Medicine and German New Medicine as they apply to Mental Wellness and Healing.
  • Pro-Consciousness Meditation and Placebo effect.
  • Wim Hoff Breathing and other breathing techniques for health.
  • Heartmath
  • Epigenetics, Mind-Body Biofeedback and More!

Core Transformation, Wholeness and The Grief Process - Introductions and integration of each of these techniques from the Andreas School of NLP. 

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator and Spiral Dynamics as applied to coaching an individual to their best selves!


Additionally, all of our NLP courses (including NLP Practitioner Training, Master NLP Practitioner Training, and PACE™ (Protocols for Achieving Coaching Excellence) ) count towards continuing education (CE) credits/hours for registered mental health practitioners in the United States.

Our one-of-a-kind Inspired NLP Master Practitioner Training is available to fit your budget with monthly payment plans available.

Call us anytime!  Ask us your questions! 
Achieve exceptional skills for managing and working with others at a higher level.

Train with us to be a fully certified NLP Master Practitioner with this training course, a Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy®, NLP and NLP Coaching.

This course is delivered virtual and it is exactly what you would receive at in-person training without the added expense.  This training is suited for:

  • NLP Practitioners who wish to take their NLP skills to the next level.
  • Business Coaches, Executive Coaches, Life Coaches, Performance Coaches or anyone wanting to build a career in any form of coaching.
  • Social Workers, Therapists, etc., wanting to add to their skills
  • Existing NLP Master Practitioners looking for a refresh source to hone their skills.
  • Business leaders, sales professionals, leaders, human resource professionals and education specialists.





JULY 6 - 9 (LIVE on site - IN PERSON!)

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